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Is the Buddy Bench strong?2017-05-02T09:55:23+00:00

Correctly installed the Buddy Bench may be loaded with a static load of up to a maximum of 300kg.

How strong is the Buddy Bench-Lite model?2017-10-06T11:09:07+00:00

The Buddy Bench-Lite model is intended for use as a desk or craft table, but correctly installed it will hold a static load of up to a maximum of 80kg.

Are the Buddy Bench brackets available in different colours?2016-11-03T11:17:31+00:00

The standard colour for the heavy duty brackets is royal blue. The “Lite” model brackets come standard in Charcoal Grey.

Am I able to buy the Buddy Brackets alone?2016-11-03T11:19:05+00:00

Sure, the Buddy Brackets are for sale on their own and currently come in two standard sizes: HD and Lite.

Can the Buddy Bench be installed on Dry Walling?2017-10-06T11:09:07+00:00

The Buddy Bench is unsuitable for installation on Dry Walling.

Are Buddy timber products given any protective coat?2016-10-19T09:10:48+00:00

All timber is supplied untreated specifically to allow customers the freedom to choose and apply their own finishing.

Can the Buddy Bench be used as a fold away bed?2017-10-06T11:09:07+00:00

Correctly installed the heavy duty Buddy Bench will support up to a maximum of 300kg, so in most cases it will certainly support the mass of one person or even two. However, the width of the bench surface is 754 mm off the wall, and therefore the minimum height at which the bench will need to be installed in order to facilitate full closure is 800 mm. This would make for quite a high bed surface and any expansion on the width will increase the minimum height at which the bench needs to be installed.