No more working off the kitchen counter or in back bending positions!
No more frustration by lack of a good working surface and no need to leave your car parked outside, Buddy Bench is the answer to all these challenges.

Buddy Bench (Registered Design № F2011/01048) is a proudly South African designed and manufactured heavy duty fold-away workbench, built to meet superior quality standards both in appearance and construction. It is a wall-mounted workbench that offers the unique benefit of being very easily and simply folded away when the job is done, thus giving the floor space back to you.

Buddy Bench comprises a 32mm thick laminated pine worktop supported by design engineered brackets that have been laser cut and CNC bent to precise dimensions from 2mm mild steel and then given a high quality powder coating finish. The workbench top comes in two standard work surface sizes 1500mm x 750mm and 1800mm x 750mm and is an ideal aid for any Homeowner, DIY enthusiast, Hobbyist, engineering Tradesman, Bicycle or Motorcycle repair shop. Buddy Bench’s attractive appearance offers the consumer a wide range of installation location options including storerooms, parking garages or industrial workshops.

Everyone needs a Buddy……